Note : This figure is modified based on the figure shown in “Fourth Basic Environment Plan”

In Japan, the Fourth Basic Environment Plant was established as a cabinet decision on April 27, 2012. In this plan, “Sustainable society”, is defined as a society which has achieved “Low-carbon society”, “Sound material-cycle society” and “Society in harmony with nature” while it is ensuring security and safety on a regular basis.

Concrete is mainly used for numerous infrastructure projects, as well as for other buildings and facilities. In addition, cement and cement-based soil stabilizer are used for improving and solidifying the ground at many construction and civil engineering sites. Therefore, the bond between the cement industry and the construction industry is a deep one which ensures the security and safety of society.

Furthermore, the Japanese cement industry has tried using waste as alternative raw materials for cement clinkers as well as using alternative sources of thermal energy for the production of cement clinkers and on-site power generation.

The Japanese cement industry believes that these actions will load to achieving a “Sound material-cycle society” and “Low-carbon society” and will eventually contribute to the goal of a “Sustainable society”.

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